PROclaim’s Inception

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Created in 2011 by a group of students from Mizzou’s Cornell Leadership Program, PROclaim was started with the mission of uniting Christian students from varying denominations, churches, and campus ministries around the city of Columbia, students seeking to live out their faith not just for a mere hour on Sunday mornings but 24/7. Since its beginning, PROclaim has had a few areas of focus that make it unique:


Uniting Believers from Across Campus

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As mentioned, PROclaim is not a a competitor with campus ministries but a supplemental organization that serves to draw one closer to God in a unique way that only we provide. Campus ministries offer Bible studies, a larger community, and staff guidance, so we most certainly encourage all of our members to join one. But, these organizations don’t necessarily bring a focus on applying biblical principles to one’s professional life. Also, it’s nice to branch out and connect with Christians from other ministries that one may not receive the opportunity to interact with otherwise. That being said, we firmly believe that the best approach is to join both!


Executive/Faculty Speakers

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Yet another aspect of PROclaim that distinguishes it from campus ministries and churches is its ability to host renowned business executives and local university staff with an outspoken Christian faith to share their testimonies, perspectives, and advice with students. Biweekly, we seek to bring a new speaker to campus to provide this opportunity to members. In the past, we have hosted individuals from outside businesses such as Dave Peacock of Anheuser-Busch, Mike Hansen of the St. Louis Rams, and Brock Bukowsky of Veterans United. Additionally, those affiliated with the university that have spoken include Mike Kelly (“Voice of the Tigers”), Tim Evans, Rod Peterson, and many more. Approaching professors or businesspeople with questions/comments regarding religion is difficult considering the arduous task of discerning what they believe. Thus, we locate Christian individuals and then bring them to you!


Tight-knit Community

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Massive organizations with their large member bases, access to funds, and well-established repertoires on campus certainly have their place. But, PROclaim prides itself on being a smaller, more intimate organization. This allows us to deeply invest in each other’s growth as we have better conversation and a deeper connection with every member. Whether it’s feeling more comfortable opening up, having a like-minded individual to which one can pose spiritual questions, or knowing that an empathetic ear is always available to go out for coffee with you, there’s just a special touch in PROclaim that makes it a wonderful group to join.

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